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Hi I'm Teri Stearns. Welcome to my Art Gallery!

This gallery represent a sampling artwork I've done over the years. I've use a variety of media including markers, watercolor, ink, and CG. I hope you enjoy looking around.

Some Rules & Stuff:

  • If you’d like to link to my images, use my images for personal, non-profit use, that’s fine, just please give me credit.
  • If you want to print them, make money off them, or alter them in any way, PLEASE DON’T. Frankly, I don’t even make money off my artwork.
  • I don't have a store (see previous), but if you really like something and want to own it, contact me and I'll see what I can do.
  • If you see my artwork somewhere for sale, unaccredited, incorrectly credited, or altered, please let me know right away! Thank you!
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