Author Notes

Oooohhh boy. The survivor's guilt is strong with this one. Do you blame him? One of the things I love about Sole Sur­vivor in the game is their abil­i­ty to keep fight­ing, crack a joke, square their shoul­ders and keep going, even at the most soul-crush­ing of times. Despite his/her tragedy, they are not a defeatist. Yeah, I  know it's game mechan­ics and script­ed events, blah blah blah. It wouldn't make for a great game if all you did was sit and cry in a bathtub.

That's just how I chose to see the Sole Survivor.

And what's up with Han­cock? He's going straight, he's heard his call­ing, he's going to retire from fight­ing in the field and change his life around...uh oh. Nev­er a good recipe for a sup­port­ing character!

Don't wor­ry. I wouldn't kill my favorite NPC...

...or WOULD I?

EDIT: DOn't wor­ry! Cola-Wars is far from over, though it is on hia­tus while I work the sto­ry from a dif­fer­ent angle. Frankly, I'd for­got­ten some of the sto­ry from the time I start­ed to the time I got to Nuka World, so I had to start the game over to remind myself some of the details. There's still more to come, though! Join me in the next few sto­ry­lines for a bit of a regress and depar­ture. You won't be dis­ap­point­ed. I hope.

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