Author Notes

Just a tan­gent idea I've been play­ing around with. All the ephemera and mem­o­ra­bil­ia you col­lect around the Waste­land  has to go some­where, right?

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, work is kick­ing my ass, and while I've still been work­ing on the com­ic as much as I can, it's slow-going and unfor­tu­nate­ly, I've caught up to my "buffer" and I don't have any­thing fin­ished I can post yet.

I'm still com­mit­ted to this sto­ry, though. And in fact, I've gone back and start­ed the game over, since I haven't done a full playthrough since I first got the game three years ago, and I'm notic­ing some oppor­tu­ni­ties to fill in some sto­ry gaps. Lit­tle details I'd forgotten.

I start­ed over with the same char­ac­ter, Nathan, so I still con­sid­er it his time­line. We may be jump­ing around his time­line a bit, though.

Thanks for stick­ing with me! I hope you're still enjoy­ing it, 'cause I'm still hav­ing a blast. Thanks!


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