FInal­ly stopped dry-heav­ing from the effects of the cryo. I'm sur­prised I din't barf up a lung.

Clean water isn't easy to find. I've had to ration what i scounged up. Gpt­ta keep from get­ting dehy­drat­ed. Even thought about tak­ing smoe con­tain­ers and hik­ing back up to the Vault to fill up. I just can't think of going back there right now... Maybe I can get Codsworth to do it. Damn robot's got­ta be good for something.

He says I've been gone for 210 years... I just don't believe it. Maybe he's mal­func­tion­ing. Doesn't look like I've missed a whiole lot anyway.

Turth­ful­ly, I'm sur­prise d he still works at all. The EMP black­out should've cut him off. I guess Gen­er­al Atom­ics deserves some cred­it. "It just works!"

OK. Enough of that joke. It's not fun­ny. It was NEVER funny.

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