My lock­pick­ing skills are a bit rusty, but it's com­ing back to me. Just need to start walk­ing around with a dozen bob­by pins all the time, I guess.

I keep find­ing stash­es and piles of bot­tle caps around, Just reg­u­lar ol' Nuka-cola (and some Sas­par­il­la and Vim) bot­tle caps. Was there some kind of col­lectible fad going on I didn't know about?

Maybe when every­thing is gone, even the most insignif­i­cant thi­ings we took for grant­ed become pre­cious. Too bad the world hadn't been made of bot­tle caps.

...or choco­late. Why didn't any­one think of putting choco­late in their safes? I feel like this should've been a no-brainer.



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